Seeking Bids for Film Project

We are considering a project to make short videos detailing sustainable farm production practices and would like to hear from interested videographers about the time, resources, and funds a project like this would take. If you are interested or know of any videographers who might be interested, please get in touch!

Some additional project details include:

  • 5-7 minute average on each video
  • Project would include no less than 8 farms and no more than 19
  • Farms range from Missoula to Billings, but the contract could be constrained to focus on farms in the Bitterroot, Mission, and Missoula valleys if necessary
  • One farm might require multiple videos but most would likely focus on one video
  • It’s possible that some practices might require multiple trips to the farm to capture the practice in different stages but we will try to get all the content in one visit and likely make multiple visits in one day
  • Videos are intended to be educational resources that can provide key information to farmers considering applying these practices/tools on their own farms
  • Videos will be uploaded to youtube and promoted widely. We encourage the videographer to include an endcap with their business name.
  • We will be responsible for identifying the key elements of the practice to be documented and will plan interview questions, etc. and will rely on your expertise to let us know what is needed from a visual perspective (plus will welcome any other ideas you have about how to improve)

Some examples of similar videos include:

Please email Annie directly at with any questions and your bid.

Farmer’s Aid Day

Saturday, May 20th.  CFAC is pleased to announce a collaboration with local farmers, which will result in 4 workshops that will provide practical learning and hands on experience in targeted areas.  
Mark your calendars for May 20, 2017. While most farmers are slammed with work in May, several local growers are open to hosting workshops to teach practical aspects of their crops and to help with work on their farms. Volunteers can get back to their roots, commune with nature learn something useful and enjoy giving aid to some fine Montana farmers.  This is a learning opportunity for the whole family.   If you are interested, please contact your chosen farmer(s) and explore this adventure for a fun Saturday.  Kids are welcome with parental supervision. Please no pets, as many of the farms have livestock and poultry.  A $10 donation for each adult is recommended.
Flowers, Greenhouses
Harts Garden and Nursery        Phone: 396-8245
Address: 4405 North Ave West, Missoula          Time: 2:00 pm- when finished
Harts Garden and Nursery grows flowers, herbs, and (new this year), bedding plants.  Marcia and George Hart grow commercial quantities of dahlias, ranunculus, tulips, delphiniums, peonies, lilies, daffodils, echinacae, iris, baptista, and some annual crops such as zinnias, celosia, pumpkin on a stick; along with a variety of non GMO produce and culinary herbs. See them at the Clark Fork River Market, stop by their farm, or call them to learn about their flower CSA program and other available flowers, herbs and produce.
Your time will be spent planting, transplanting, weeding, cultivating, general clean-up and eating pizza. Marcia and George will provide information about greenhouses, hoophouses, flower farming, marketing, and farm management. Call ahead or e-mail  to reserve a place for you and your family to enjoy an afternoon on the farm.
Organic Crops, Vegetables & Animal Husbandry
Turner Farms                                   Phone: 544-6600
Address: 606 Stallion Ln, Missoula                        Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Turner Farms
Turner Farms is a local organic vegetable farm in the Orchard Homes’ neighborhood.  With the diminishment of farms in Missoula, the Turners have made it their mission to open their farm to the community so kids know what local food tastes like, and what a farm looks (and smells) like!  During the growing season, they offer CSA programs, sell at the Orchard Homes’ Farmers’ Market and also directly from the farm. Along with their vegetables, they also raise chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, goats, pigs, cows and sheep. 
Erin and Jon Turner will provide information on raising chickens, weed management, small acreage farming and much more.  Projects on May 20th will include prepping gardens, planting crops, animal pen maintenance, general farm chores, weeding and maybe chasing a goat or two! Participants are welcome to sign up for a block of time, or the whole day! And there will be food at noon. Please call or email . Learn more about the farm from our website:  .
Apples & Raspberries
 Green Bench Orchard                       Phone: 549-9017
Address: 4701 South Ave. West, Missoula               Time: 10 am to 2 pm 
Green Bench
Green Bench Orchard produces apples and raspberries using organic practices for U-PICK sales in the Missoula area. Fred Stewart will offer observations and insights into their selection of varieties and methods for apples and raspberries in their orchard.  There are up to 6 slots for participants to help prepare and plant several areas in the orchard for native plants for pollinator insects. A pizza snack will be provided.  Call ahead and reserve a slot for an outing at the orchard. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes, have sun protection and bring work gloves if you have them.
Berries, Fruit Trees, Vegetable Crops & Chickens
Red Hen Farm and Orchard                 Phone: 240-3813
Address: 3803 Spurgin Road, Missoula                        Time: 10 am to 3 pm
Red Hen Farm
Red Hen Farm and Orchard is currently producing U-Pick strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apples, sweet corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and cut flowers. They offer a fruit, vegetable and egg CSA, as well as, Friday Farmer’s Market at their farm every Friday. No chemicals are used on their crops, so what you see is what you get, fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables that can be eaten right away. Find them online at or on Facebook @MontanaRedHenFarm.  
Greg and Julie Peters will instruct participants about holistic orchard practices, raising strawberries and raspberries, and will answer questions about other crops as well.  The work on May 20th will include planting out newly grafted apple trees, thinning raspberry rows, seeding flats in the greenhouse, and mulching orchard trees.  Food and beverages will be served at noon. 
We hope to see you there support our local farmers and learning new things. To sign up for one of these workshops, use the contact information listed in each section to do so. Happy Farming!

Protect one of Missoula’s last remaining agricultural lots.

Please act today – Help CFAC Protect one of Missoula’s last remaining agricultural lots.

This week, Missoula County is once again faced with the decision between protecting our most precious soils or continuing to create sprawl across our valley.   The Spurgin Ranch Subdivision proposal will have a public hearing before the Board of County Commissioners on Thursday, April 27 at 2:00 in the BCC Hearing room (200 W. Broadway, Room 151 Annex).

SpurginRanch Speak Up for Farms – once again our best farmland is on the chopping block! We need your voice this week to help save this vital ag soil.

The Spurgin Ranch Subdivision proposes to put 19 lots on 20.01 acres of prime if irrigated soil (our very best soils!) in the Target Range neighborhood. These lots average .75 acres – too big to mow and too small to farm.  This is unacceptable urban sprawl!

Please contact our County Commissioners by Thursday of this week and let them know that Missoula values our agricultural heritage and we must protect these last few acres of prime agricultural soils.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Send your comment in support of agricultural soils to the County Commissioners at:  They need to hear from you before they make their decision on Thursday!
  • Attend the public hearing Thursday, April 27 at 2pm and come ready to speak up in support of farmland! See the box below for possible talking points.

The Community Food and Agriculture Coalition works hard to preserve Missoula’s agricultural heritage and expand our vibrant local food economy.  We need your help to ensure our success!


CFAC is seeking an intern to conduct evaluation of its food access program

Food Access Program Evaluation Intern

Position Description

The Community Food and Agriculture Coalition (CFAC) is searching for a qualified intern to design, implement, and report on an evaluation of its USDA Community Food Project: “Food Security and Strong Communities.”

Job details:

  • Compensation: $4,500 stipend
  • Hours per week: varies according to task; see timeline below
  • Work schedule: flexible; must attend a check-in meeting once per week with Food Access Program Manager and must be available some Saturday mornings
  • Start Date: June 1, 2017
  • End Date: December 31, 2017

 Job Description:

The Food Access Program Evaluation Intern will be responsible for designing and implementing various evaluation methodology to assess the effectiveness of the Project in reaching its desired goals (see below). The Project involves a variety of stakeholders, including local farmers, Double SNAP retailers and customers, and community organizations, and will require a mixed methods evaluation. The intern will work closely with the Program Manager to develop effective tools and implement the project.

Goals to be assessed include: increased self-reliance among low-income community members; increased local food purchasing among low-income consumers; connection between local farmers and low-income consumers; increased affordability of local foods; increased profits for local farmers.

This is a great opportunity to exercise academic learning, take part in real community initiatives, network with local food professionals, and publish a report that will be reviewed by the USDA. Work will also be used for future fundraising, communications, outreach, and other endeavors to improve and further develop CFAC’s food access program.

Intern must be enrolled for internship credit or receive a TARA waiver. This project can also be tailored to meet graduate portfolio, thesis, or professional paper needs if being used for a graduate project.

The intern will have the opportunity to travel to partner sites in Polson and Whitefish to conduct interviews if s/he wishes. CFAC will reimburse the incurred mileage expenses.

Main responsibilities:

  • Design evaluation methodology
  • Design non-biased, non-leading survey and interview guides
  • Implement evaluation methodology, including surveys, interviews, and/or focus groups
  • Transcribe any interviews and/or focus groups conducted
  • Analyze survey and interview responses
  • Develop evaluation report

 Approximate Project Timeline:

Estimated hours; Subject to change upon final workplan, intern experience and efficiency

2017 Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Become familiar with the grant program and relevant research 15 hrs
Design methodology and assessment instruments 20 hrs 20 hrs
Conduct assessment (surveys, interviews, etc) 40 hrs 20 hrs
Transcribe interviews 20 hrs 20 hrs
Conduct analysis 40 hrs
Create reports 20 hrs


  • Pursuing a graduate degree in social work, community development, community health, food systems, or related field, plus related professional and/or academic experience
  • Experience developing surveys, conducting interviews, and writing reports
  • Experience with both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to connect well with others
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Highly detail-oriented and organized
  • Must be able to work independently
  • Availability for occasional work on weekends
  • Working knowledge of analytical software such as SPSS, R, Nvivo, helpful but not required

Position open until filled. Early applications appreciated.

To apply, email a copy of your resume, a cover letter detailing your interest in the position and experience conducting research, and three references to Kim Gilchrist:

Contact Information:

Contact Kim Gilchrist, Food Access Program Manager, with any questions about this position.

CFAC is hiring Summer Vista Associate for Food Access Outreach!

Community Relations Coordinator Position Description

CFAC, in partnership with MT Campus Compact, is searching for a Community Relations Coordinator Summer Vista Associate! Join our team in fighting poverty by building a regional food system that promotes health, equity, and economic opportunity.

Coordinator is eligible for an Americorps education award once 300 hours of service are completed.

Community Relations Coordinator

Job details:

  • Compensation: AmeriCorps living stipend, plus eligibility for AmeriCorps education award at end of term
  • Hours per week: 40
  • Work schedule: Weekdays, some weekends and evenings
  • Start Date: June 1, 2016
  • End Date: August 9, 2016

 Job Description:

The Community Relations Coordinator will primarily work to increase awareness of the Double SNAP Dollars (DSD) program and to engage its stakeholders in the development, execution and outcomes of the program. DSD is a community-centered program that supports healthy food access for low-income residents by making fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable (a 1:1 match is provided when SNAP benefits are used to purchase healthy foods at participating venues).

This is a fun, interactive position with flexibility to include creative outreach projects of the coordinator’s choosing.

Main responsibilities:

  • Work with project lead to implement strategic outreach plan that strives to include a variety of populations, including seniors, children, Native Americans, and SNAP recipients
  • Table at farmers’ markets periodically to offer nutrition information and food preparation techniques to Double SNAP Dollars participants and market customers; administer short surveys; and collect recipe ideas
  • Implement a social media campaign strategy
  • Provide program updates and collect feedback from Double SNAP Dollars vendors
  • Report feedback to program lead in an effective and useful manner
  • Conduct outreach and other activities as opportunities arise
  • Collect and compile relevant program metrics


  • Pursuing a degree in marketing, communications, community development, social work, and/or food systems work, plus related professional experience.
  • Junior, Senior, or Grad student status
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to connect well with others
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Highly detail-oriented and organized
  • Proficient in social media outlets, particularly Facebook and blogs
  • Position requires initiative, resourcefulness; experience as a “self-starter”
  • Availability for occasional work on weekends, especially during the Saturday morning farmers’ markets

Application opens mid-March. Apply here:  

Contact Information:

Contact Kim Gilchrist, Food Access Program Manager, with any questions about this position.