DSD campaign cardSNAP Challenge Week is dawning on us! The CFAC team has banded together to gain a better understanding of the impact of our Double SNAP Dollars program and raise money to continue Double SNAP Dollars programs in Missoula and around the state. We’re excited to be joined by partners at the Montana Food Bank Network, UM students in the Community Health and Social Work departments, EFNEP, the Missoula Public Health Department, the MT Department of Ag, and of course the Double SNAP Dollar retailers!

For those of you unsure of what this effort entails, here’s a basic rundown: folks pledge to eat on a budget of $5 a day for 7 days (from Sept. 20-27) to gain a glimpse into the struggles of the 134,000 food insecure Montanans who have very limited budgets to buy food for themselves or their families. $5 is the median SNAP benefit for Montanans.

Those taking the Challenge will be sharing their experiences throughout the week via social media and Op-Eds and the like, and encouraging donations to the $16,000 for 16,000 Missoulians campaign – which aims to raise enough money to cover a gap in funding through the end of the season in Missoula, AND be able to start next year with a adequate funds that can benefit Double SNAP Dollars programs across the state.

There’s a lot of buzz going around the CFAC office, including a lot of logistical questions about what to eat and how to calculate costs.

If you have questions like the rest of us CFAC-ers, download our SNAP Challenge toolkit. (And always feel free to call the office at 926-1004 or email Kim at kim@missoulacfac.org if you have more questions)

If you want to join us in the SNAP Challenge, you can pledge here!

Together, we can ensure access to healthy and local foods and build healthier communities. Please join us!