We are considering a project to make short videos detailing sustainable farm production practices and would like to hear from interested videographers about the time, resources, and funds a project like this would take. If you are interested or know of any videographers who might be interested, please get in touch!

Some additional project details include:

  • 5-7 minute average on each video
  • Project would include no less than 8 farms and no more than 19
  • Farms range from Missoula to Billings, but the contract could be constrained to focus on farms in the Bitterroot, Mission, and Missoula valleys if necessary
  • One farm might require multiple videos but most would likely focus on one video
  • It’s possible that some practices might require multiple trips to the farm to capture the practice in different stages but we will try to get all the content in one visit and likely make multiple visits in one day
  • Videos are intended to be educational resources that can provide key information to farmers considering applying these practices/tools on their own farms
  • Videos will be uploaded to youtube and promoted widely. We encourage the videographer to include an endcap with their business name.
  • We will be responsible for identifying the key elements of the practice to be documented and will plan interview questions, etc. and will rely on your expertise to let us know what is needed from a visual perspective (plus will welcome any other ideas you have about how to improve)

Some examples of similar videos include:

Please email Annie directly at annie@farmlinkmontana.org with any questions and your bid.