Please act today – Help CFAC Protect one of Missoula’s last remaining agricultural lots.

This week, Missoula County is once again faced with the decision between protecting our most precious soils or continuing to create sprawl across our valley.   The Spurgin Ranch Subdivision proposal will have a public hearing before the Board of County Commissioners on Thursday, April 27 at 2:00 in the BCC Hearing room (200 W. Broadway, Room 151 Annex).

SpurginRanch Speak Up for Farms – once again our best farmland is on the chopping block! We need your voice this week to help save this vital ag soil.

The Spurgin Ranch Subdivision proposes to put 19 lots on 20.01 acres of prime if irrigated soil (our very best soils!) in the Target Range neighborhood. These lots average .75 acres – too big to mow and too small to farm.  This is unacceptable urban sprawl!

Please contact our County Commissioners by Thursday of this week and let them know that Missoula values our agricultural heritage and we must protect these last few acres of prime agricultural soils.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Send your comment in support of agricultural soils to the County Commissioners at:  They need to hear from you before they make their decision on Thursday!
  • Attend the public hearing Thursday, April 27 at 2pm and come ready to speak up in support of farmland! See the box below for possible talking points.

The Community Food and Agriculture Coalition works hard to preserve Missoula’s agricultural heritage and expand our vibrant local food economy.  We need your help to ensure our success!