Thanks to all of you who testified, showed up and spread the word! We asked you to stand up for farmland and you DID. Big time!

For those of you who have been following the efforts to protect farmland here in Missoula County: Tremendous, packed hearing last night with about 3 hours of testimony. The Planning Board took some action: They restored the current definition of agriculture, which means soils of local importance are going to be included in the regulations. The hearing remains open until Tuesday, Sept. 29 when the Board will have a special meeting at 7 PM to address other concerns raised about the draft and then, hopefully, move it on to the County Commissioners. Last night went till after 11:00. One step closer…

Up Next!

The Planning Board’s second and hopefully final hearing on the subdivision regulations.

Planning Board Hearing

September 29th, 7 pm

140 West Pine Street 

Check out farmland preservation in the news! Click the link to read the Missoula Independent’s article on Claire Emery’s soil circles and CFAC’s Save It Don’t Pave It campaign.