Submission Date:     July 31, 2015

Submission Time:     5:00pm (MST)

Project Overview

The Community Food and Agriculture Coalition (CFAC), a multi-stakeholder food policy coalition in Missoula, Montana, is accepting proposals to develop a new website for its beginning farmer program. The FarmLink website will serve as a clearinghouse for beginning farmers and ranchers in Montana. It will include information on available resources including new materials on business planning, financing, and legal issues, five online application forms for two programs (for mentors, interns, intern hosts, land seekers, and landowners), and a statewide mapping tool to connect farmers and landowners with those seeking internships, mentorships and land lease/purchase opportunities.

This project is funded by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (BFRDP) USDA grant. We are seeking proposals from a web designer or design firm able to develop a website that addresses the objectives and functionality requirements listed in this RFP.

About CFAC

CFAC works to create a thriving local food system for Montana by pursuing solutions through collaboration, policy advocacy, and innovative projects. Currently, CFAC partners with Farm Hands ( to operate the LandLink Montana site, a matching service that connects farmers and ranchers to land and resources. CFAC is developing a new website to expand the LandLink program to include an information clearinghouse, an internship program that connects internship seekers with farm and ranch hosts, and a mentorship program to connect beginning farmers with mentors.


The purpose of this new website is to provide an online resource that will serve as a one-stop shop for beginning farmers and ranchers. The site will include several resources with information on financing, business planning, and more. The site will also include a log-in area with multiple online application forms and a statewide mapping tool with filters and keyword search. CFAC is seeking the services of a qualified web designer or design firm to submit proposals for the creation of this website. Upon completion of the development of the site, CFAC will assume full responsibility for website content maintenance and administration.

Website Objectives and Functionality Requirements

CFAC expects that the following objectives and functionality components will be included in a successful proposal:

  1. A content management system (CMS) that will permit non-technical CFAC staff to instantly update website content on specific pages
  2. All elements of the site should be able to be easily maintained, updated, new pages added, etc. by non-technical CFAC staff after site launch. If using a CMS other than Joomla, this may require some time (2-3 hours) for staff training on site utilization.
  3. Visually appealing – the site must have an attractive mix of text and graphics
  4. Interactive map with key features
    • Ability to  zoom in only to a certain level on map
    • Listing pins on map with ability to be different images/icons
    • Listing pins should have a pop-up window with information that appears when pin is clicked
    • Pop-up windows will have a clickable link that directs user to detailed listing on website or to an offsite listing
    • Search tool with the ability to keyword search,  filter, and sort by different categories
    • For similar examples, visit:
    • Note: While the above links are only for LandLink programs, we would like our map to have the ability to turn on/off layers with land, internship, and mentorship opportunities. Each layer would likely have different filters.
  5. Online application and listing feature
    • Users will be able to log in to the back end of the site to submit applications to the Internship, Mentorship, and LandLink programs (5 application forms total for mentors, interns, intern hosts, land seekers, and landowners)
    • When intern host and land seeker applications are submitted, users will be directed to a payment page.
    • Once submitted, applications will be put into accessible and exportable database
    • CFAC will be notified when applications are submitted and will be able to approve creation of an online listing that will automatically populate a unique URL with listing info and a map pin for the specific program
    • Once created, users and CFAC will be able to log in to update listings and make listings active/inactive
    • CFAC will be notified whenever listings are modified (preferably with modification text in the body of the notification email and/or a direct link to the listing)
    • Site will send notification emails to listing holders to update listings semi-annually, annually, or more often as determined by CFAC
      • Notifications will be automatic or manual
      • Notices will be sent to CFAC staff in a weekly digest
    • Some people who create profiles/listings are likely to not have access to email. It would be great for the site to have ability to send out text or SMS messages for people who do not have email.
    • CFAC will be notified via email when contacts (email or SMS) bounce.
    • CFAC will be notified via email if updates are due on listings that lack an email/SMS contact so that staff can follow up by phone.
    • If listings are not updated within 30-45 days of notification, CFAC will be notified via email so listings can be made inactive.
    • Listings will have permanent URLs, enabling users to share their listing with different sources
  6. Sponsored advertising
    • Sponsors’ logos must be integrated into homepage
    • Overhead banner with rotating sponsors
    • Open to other ideas from web developer about how to integrate sponsors into site
  7. Implementation of a “mobile ready” website
  8. Highly Search Engine Optimized
  9. Implementation of Google Analytics throughout the site

Website Wish List

  1. Anonymized emails
    • For Landlink postings, have Craiglist-style emails with anonymized email addresses
    • CFAC will be able to track who is sending emails based on an internal tracking system
  2. Rating System
    • Have a Yelp-like rating system that allows users to post star ratings and comments on internships
    • Farm hosts will have the ability to dispute and respond to ratings and comments

Site Layout

Homepage with Potential Tab and Pull-down categories to be featured:

  1. About FarmLink
    • Mission
    • Staff
    • Contact
  2. Intern Program
    • Program Information
    • Application (link to log-in and direction to application form)
  3. Land Link Program
    • Program Information
    • Application (link to log-in and direction to application form)
  4. Mentor Program
    • Program Information
    • Application (link to log-in and direction to application form)
  5. Mapping Tool
    • See above for details
  6. Resources
    • Section will include up to 20 pages on different types of resources
    • Section will include a sidebar with expandable topics that include various subheadings and is included on each page in the Resources section (for an example, see:
    • Full page content to be developed Fall 2015

Ecommerce Details

CFAC uses eTapestry for ecommerce. This platform will be used to accept payment on the new website.  CFAC will provide permanent URLs to payment forms that CFAC will develop through eTapestry.

Budget Details

Please provide a cost proposal to accomplish the scope of this project. The budget must encompass all design, production, software acquisitions, and CFAC staff training necessary for development and maintenance of the website. CFAC will purchase the URL in advance.

List pricing for: Site Development, Testing, Deployment, and Training.

CFAC has up to $15,000 to fund this web development project.  Applicant must be eligible to receive federal funds.

Proposal Requirements

Please submit proposal via email in a PDF format that includes the following:

  1. Summarize your project approach for developing the FarmLink website.
  2. Include a proposed project schedule and information on staff committed to this project to ensure that project schedule will be met.
  3. Provide the costs for services. Please include how many hours of time the proposal includes for each part of the project.
  4. Provide links to similar projects you have completed in the past.  References and contact information are appreciated.

We are open to suggestions about ways to accomplish these plans and hope that you can be flexible as we navigate web development.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Cost for services
  2. Product details
  3. Previous  experience
  4. Long-term plan (ease of maintenance, training plans, etc.)
  5. Timeline

RFP & Project Timeline Details

RFP Timeline

Release Date             June 16, 2015

Submissions of questions     July 1, 2015

Answers emailed to bidders    July 15, 2015

Proposal Due Date        July 31, 2015, 5pm MST

Project Timeline

Hire date             August 15, 2015

Website launch            November 15, 2015

Questions and Proposal Submissions   
Questions may be directed to Annie Heuscher, CFAC Program Director, at (406) 830-8218 or Please submit proposals to by 5:00 pm MST on Friday, July 31, 2015.