Thanks so much for sending your interns and/or coming to our field day last week at Lifeline Produce in Victor! During a fascinating tour of the farm, we learned about Steve and Luci’s crop rotation system and use of specialized farm tools. And we got to enjoy a delicious potluck after the tour!

With 28 attendees, we had a large and diverse group including interns from other farms in the area and a handful of people from the FVCC Integrated Agriculture & Food Systems Program up in the Flathead.

Nearly all of the attendees said their knowledge of crop rotation methods and specialized farm implements improved!  One attendee noted that it was valuable “seeing systems other than what I am used to and learning the variety of methods used.”  Another attendee enjoyed getting a total picture of how good, organic food is produced.” That’s what we like to hear!

Up Next!  Field Day at Paula’s Garden in Paradise!
Wednesday, July 15th from 10am – 12pmfollowed by a potluck lunch
Paula’s Garden is located on the site of Paradise Gardens, a family farm with three distinct businesses raising everything from melons to peppers to lavender for all types of wholesale and direct markets. Paula started raising flowers and other crops twenty years ago and has found a market so large she can’t fill it!  She’s on a mission to share with other farmers the joys of growing flowers as supplemental or winter income projects and the ways she’s used flowers to create a life she loves. She’ll be telling us all about her flowers and the market opportunities that exist for these high-value crops. Along with learning about the geology of the area, we will also see the two other farm operations on the property and hear about how a family farm is operated. For more info on Paula’s Garden, check out her Etsy page.