Greetings fellow farmland supporters! Subdivision development is heating up again in Missoula County and so is the issue of agricultural land preservation. On June 2 Missoula County Community and Planning Services (CAPS) released a draft regulatory framework that, if adopted, would pave the way for more development and less mitigation. NOT GOOD. Let’s raise our voices! Help us remind the commissioners of the wide community support for local farmers and farms. We know this process has been frustrating for long-time agricultural advocates. For the past few years, every time we thought we were getting somewhere, the process came to a halt. But we can’t give up. What we are fighting for is too important. CFAC is determined to see this project come to completion this summer. If we don’t get protections in place soon, there will be no farmland to protect. We need your help!

Upcoming Events:

June 11 Round table discussion on the latest Subdivision Regulation rewrite this Thursday at 10 a.m. in the City Council Chambers. 

July 21 CAPS presentation to the Planning Board

September 1 Public hearing at the Planning Board

September 15 Planning Board presentation to BCC

Public comments will be allowed at the June 11 round table, and your presence in the audience would be greatly appreciated. Let’s show the commissioners that there is public support for agricultural land preservation. Let them know the public is paying attention. Early next week we will be sending out a summary of the framework highlighting the significant differences from previous regulation. We will include related documents to get you up to speed on the latest developments.