As part of the USDA BFRDP grant we received in 2014, we are developing a new statewide resource for beginning farmers and ranchers across Montana: FarmLink!

Farm Tour 08FarmLink will be a one-stop clearinghouse for beginning farmers and ranchers, offering:

  • Information on available resources
  • New resources on business planning, financing, legal issues, land access, and more
  • A map-based tool (including online application functionality) to connect beginning farmers with internship, mentorship, and land lease/purchase opportunities

Before we launch the site, we would love your feedback to make the site work as well as possible for you and your needs!

If you’re a farmer or landowner and think you might use this resource to:

  • List internship opportunities
  • Offer mentorship or support to beginning farmers
  • Offer land for lease or sale to beginning/expanding farmers

Click here to fill out our farmer/landowner survey!

If you’re a beginning farmer (from pre-startup to first few years farming):

  • Looking for internships
  • Interested in mentorship
  • Seeking land to buy/lease for farming

Click here to fill out our beginning farmer survey!

And please!  Share this post with people from around the state who might be interested in helping us build a great new resource for Montana!

Thank you!