The days are warmer, plants are budding and here at CFAC we are staying busy as pollen bearing bees. Spring has sprung! This past week we celebrated Earth Week. Perhaps you spoke with us at one of the many Missoula locations? In appreciation of our Earth, we geared our efforts last week towards discussing why local food is important with fellow community members.

Thanks to those who stopped to share their ideas with the rest of us!


Why Local?

We wanted to highlight a few of the responses people came up with for the question, “Why is local food important to you?”

  • The closer the location, the closer the tie.
  • It’s our only future.
  • Supporting my neighbors.
  • Creating a sense of place.
  • Know what you are eating.
  • Love where you live.
  • Be friends with your farmer.
  • People eat. Would you rather corporation a far or friends and family to prosper off this necessity?
  • Because it makes sense ($cents)

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If you missed the chance to connect with us, do not fret! We have some wonderful upcoming events. Also, there’s still opportunity to share your tasty morsel of local thought with your neighbors. Write your comment above!

It is our hope that the work we do here at CFAC will continue to support local farmers, ranchers, beekeepers and the like. Thank you for supporting our efforts and remember, Choose Local!