Mark your calendars for a showing of Brooklyn Farmer at 7:00 pm on Saturday, April 12th at the Roxy Theater! 


Learn about the Brookyln Grange, a commercial urban farm and leading intensive green roof business in the U.S. They operate the world’s largest rooftop soil farms, growing over 50,000 pounds of organically cultivated produce on two roofs in New York City. This organization also provides urban farming and green roof consulting to clients worldwide in an effort to promote healthy and strong local communities.


This farm slowly started to take shape in May 2010 through the hard work and dedication of a small group of family and friends. Upon setting out to grow food on rooftops and other unused spaces in New York City, their mission was “to create a fiscally sustainable model for urban agriculture and to produce healthy, delicious vegetables for our local community while doing the ecosystem a few favors as well.”


They currently cultivate over two acres of rooftop farms in Brooklyn and Queens, providing over 120,000 pounds of vegetables for the enjoyment of restaurants, CSA members and the public. They have expanded beyond their mission to grow vegetables, now keeping hens and have a commercial apiary to keep bees and breed regional hardiness into their DNA. An educational non-profit partner, City Growers, hosts thousands of New York City’s youth each season for educational tours and workshops.


“We believe that this city can be more sustainable; that our air can be cooler and waterways can be cleaner. We believe that 14% of our landfills comprised of food scraps should be converted into organic energy for our plants. We believe that food should be fresh, not sitting in the back of a flatbed for two weeks. We believe that food should taste fresh. Because at the end of the day, it’s about sitting down with our family, admiring the sunset over the city skyline snacking on a perfectly ripe, sweet tomato and remembering: this is what real food it.”

Come and Learn More About This Inspirational Group of Farmers on Saturday, April 12th!