May the holiday spirit of giving encourage us to be involved with organizations throughout the year. If you have dreams of starting out the New Year by volunteering with an outstanding organization, then we have a place for you!


Current Projects

There are four groups dedicated to creating a positive change in different aspects of our food system. Becoming a volunteer is a great way to support our efforts!

What Interests You?

  •  Special Events – a new addition! Members of this group will have the opportunity to draw on their creative ideas for planning engaging community events. Help connect people to their farmer neighbors and the food they produce by joining this exciting group!
  • Food Systems Group – works on different projects throughout the season. Volunteers are needed to help kick off the Choose Local campaign. By providing area grocery stores with marketing materials to help consumers understand all of their local choices, we hope to continue strengthening our region’s food system. Join this group and help make this campaign a success!
  • Beginning Farmer and Rancher Group – always has exciting opportunities for involvement. Currently this group is seeking volunteers to help facilitate matches between people in our Land Link program. Volunteers can help by assessing the viability of land parcels, review the goals of both land seekers and sellers and help this project become a success.
  • Land Use and Viability Group – focuses mainly on policy issues and has been a vital voice during the subdivision growth and regulation process. New voices are always appreciated as we need to unite to make sure our voices are heard!


Other Opportunities!

We realize not everyone has time to dedicate every month – something we ask of our members in the above groups. There is always opportunity for helping promote our mission through small projects throughout the year.

  • Special events – sell raffle tickets, hang flyers, promote events or volunteer at the events.
  • Projects – media, marketing, Choose Local campaign, surveys, or any other ideas our wonderful volunteers come up with!
  • Education – letter writing, phone calls, blog posts, letters to the editor, attending City Council meetings, hosting fundraisers, and telling everyone you know about the great work we are doing!

Our success depends on the support of our dedicated members and volunteers. All of whom we are very grateful to have as a part of our team! Thank you and Happy New Year!