This time of year is perfect for reflecting on what we are thankful for in life. Many people give thanks for their health, prosperity, and overall well-being. Montana is a very special place – one in which we are very fortunate to call home. Missoula is especially unique in the strong sense of community that surrounds us every day.


Here at CFAC, we could write a novel on all of the items for which we are thankful for. There is one element that outshines all others — the unwavering support we receive from our community members. Thank you for contributing to our mission – work that we believe truly promotes vitality in all realms of our community. The network of support we have continues to overwhelm us in the most wonderful sense. Without the help of our dedicated members and volunteers, our organization would not thrive. From all walks of life, we have joined for a common cause – to promote a viable food system. Our accomplishments are numerous, yet there is much we still hope to achieve. With the support of our community members, we can truly have a positive impact on our food system in Missoula County.

Special Thanks

Although many people help us in being successful with our efforts, there are definitely those to whom we would like to express our gratitude.

Sponsors – We are truly grateful for the support we have received from our sponsors throughout the year.

These businesses include: The Good Food Store, Montgomery Distillery, Great Harvest Bread, Scotty’s Table, Le Petit Outre, Ole World Oils, Big Sky Natural Beef, Western MT Grower’s Cooperative, Flathead Lake Cheese Company, Ten Spoon Winery, Kettlehouse, Tamarack Brewery, Draught Works, Liquid Planet, Golden Yoke Dairy, Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center, Montana Farmers Union, Heart View Center and UM Dining Services.

Board Members – Our board members are a vital part of our organization and have dedicated themselves to different projects all throughout the years. We are extremely grateful for their support and hard work.

Thank you to: Joellen Shannon, Tim Furey, Jim Cusker, Jim Berkey, Blakely Brown, Don MacArthur, Stephanie LaPorte-Potts, Seth Swanson, Mark LoParco and Jason Wiener.

Committee Volunteers – The community members who are involved with our committees show unrivaled enthusiasm and dedication for various projects. We would not be able to further our mission without them.

We would like to thank the following committee volunteers: Kari Brittain, Len Broberg, Amita Patel, Noah Jackson, Andy Hayes, Brianna Ewert, Kascie Herron and John DiBari.

Community Members – Thank you to all of our community members who show continued support of local food. Those of you growing food, providing us with avenues to purchase food, and those supporting our local farmers by asking for and eating locally grown food within our food shed. Together we can unite and support each others efforts in making Missoula County an even better place to call home.

What Are You Thankful For? 

We would love to hear what our community members are most thankful for. Please take some time to share your thoughts below. Remember, we can give thanks anytime throughout the year. On behalf of CFAC, we thank YOU for your commitment and support of a creating a viable food system in Missoula County! Stay tuned for next week’s blog on how to get more involved with our efforts.