Although the MUD workshop was canceled, stay informed with upcoming events by visiting their website.

Join the Sustainable Business Council in their Holiday Buy Local Challenge!

Support your local economy by purchasing holiday items from local merchants and be entered for a chance to win $1200 in prizes! Two more drawings are to be held on November 29th and December 6th. Visit the website to learn more about the challenge and see a list of prizes.

Details: No purchase necessary! Enter the challenge by using the QR code link found on posters or from an SBC member. You may also visit this website to enter for a chance to win!

Contact: Susan Anderson at 406-721-3000 ext. 1119

Want other ways to help with local food? The Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center is partnering with CFAC for their Choose Local campaign. This program will enhance marketing of local food at area grocery stores. Starting in the Spring, look for this logo, and remember to ask for local!

Why eat local?

It’s healthier for your environment – The average distance local food travels is 44.6 miles – significantly shorter than the 1,518 miles food travels when produced elsewhere.

It’s healthier for your economy – If Western Montana consumers spent 15% of their grocery budget on local food, it would generate $66 million of new farm income in the region. That’s only $4.60 per person per week!

It’s healthier for you – Local food can ripen naturally and retains more nutrients and better flavor than food picked early to ensure it makes the long travel distance.

Interested in becoming part of this or other exciting projects? Contact us today! Thank you for helping promote vibrant local food systems in Missoula County!

Want more inspiration? Check out this couple’s story here!