Update!  Missoula Independent covers the Golden Yoke’s Kickstarter Campaign and how our Land Link program helped them get started!  Check it out by clicking here!

In this age of buzzing electronics and non-stop updates, it is easy to become overwhelmed by technology. However, social media has proved to be a useful tool for small operations – specifically farmers. Unfortunately, lack of funding remains a major obstacle for new, small scale farming operations. It is often difficult to obtain a loan and grants are limited with many strings attached. Fortunately, just as farmers have learned how to organically raise crops, they now have the opportunity to organically raise funds. Crowdfunding has become a popular means of fundraising for farms and other small business endeavors across the country. This allows potential business owners to fund a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large amount of people, typically via the Internet. Take our friends up in St. Ignatius for example. The gals of the Golden Yoke, Laura and Connie have kickstarted a campaign to raise money for an ice cream machine.

They need your support today!


Their dream is to process the milk from their grass fed dairy cows into delicious pints of local ice cream. They hope to showcase the fact that small, seasonal dairies are still viable operations. These innovative ladies aim to utilize as many locally sources ingredients as possible. Imagine Dixon melon, Flathead cherry and Paradise Valley peach ice cream flavors!! They also plan to create flavors that benefit nonprofit organizations, such as a chocolate caramel flavor to represent the Montana Conservation Corps. A percentage of each pint sold will benefit these organizations – truly supporting our efforts of building community supported food systems. Please take a moment to learn about this project and consider supporting their efforts. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Many of the donation amounts come with additional perks such as a pint of ice cream or a visit to the farm!

Click here to support them today!