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Pass a draft of the Farm Bill, that is! Scroll to the bottom for an easy way to help move a better farm bill forward…

When you think about the future of food, what do you want to see? If you’re like us, you want to see thriving family farms across the countryside and your choice of fresh, healthy, affordable food in your community.

Ag in Western MontanaUnfortunately, the House of Representatives is poised to take a giant step backwards this week – away from the kind of future we want and towards unlimited subsidies for mega-farms and corporate agribusiness and reduced investments in organic and sustainable farming.

The American people didn’t ask for this – we expect better. Help us tell Congress today.

With your help last month we made some big progress in getting farm policy back on track in the Senate and now it’s time to ensure the House of Representatives does the same.

This is our chance to reform unlimited subsidies and invest in a better future today!

Here’s what you need to know: To get a farm bill, it goes through the process below:

Courtesy of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Courtesy of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Today and tomorrow, the House of Representatives will be debating which amendments they want to make it into the bill they move forward.  We need your help getting some key ones included.

  • Rep. Fortenberry’s (R-NE) amendment #93 puts a cap on commodity subsidy payments and closes loopholes that allow mega-farms to collect unlimited payments.  This is a huge first step towards reforming the bad farm subsidies that bring us cheap, unhealthy commodity foods!
  • Rep. Pingree’s (D-ME) amendment #176 will spur small business development and job creation by strengthening existing credit, rural development, and research and extension programs – and costs nothing!
  • Rep. Ribble’s (R-WI) amendment #63 will restore funding for two key programs that keep the organic sector running smoothly for farmers and consumers.

This week, with these amendments, we may finally have a shot at getting a better farm bill in the House – one that supports good food and ensures real subsidy reform.

Call Now!Will you call Steve Daines and ask him to support these amendments?

Call 202-225-3211 – here’s a sample statement you can make:

“Hello, my name is                 and I’m a constituent and a voter (and tell them if you’re a farmer!).  I would like to leave a message for Representative Daines’ agricultural staffer. Can you take a message for me please? I would like to ask the Representative to support three key amendments during floor debate this week:

  • Fortenberry #93 for subsidy reform,
  • Pingree #176 for local food and economic development, and
  • Ribble #63 for organics.

Congress needs to get our farm policy back on track by reforming subsidies and investing in Montana’s food and farm economy. Thank you.”

If you give them a call, let us know what you hear back!  Email us!

THANKS! Your call makes a difference for our food future!

And many thanks to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition for their help with this e-alert!