Lots of folks came out last week for the inaugural Dish: Co-Creating the Best New Ideas on Food and they all came with ideas!  Of course… I didn’t take any pictures, but here’s one of my awesome idea organizing process!

DishIdeasSome of the ideas we got for how to improve our local food system were….

  • Winter market with more supply
  • Institutional/Wholesale Buyer’s Co-op
  • Bring more conventional growers to the table
  • Statewide local marketing campaign
  • Local/Seasonal food cooking blog that also advertises producers and where to get ingredients
  • Dehydrated veggies for backpacking & general consumption! Season extension, yo!
  • Party more!
  • Better Distribution
  • Incubator farm
  • Open space
  • Celebrate the SB 147 defeat
  • Consumer demand
  • Co-op food processing center
  • (^^ The co-op/B street center commissary could be a venue!^^)
  • Co-op/land combining shopping to consumer where product is grown – lease space to help pay
  • Gardening lessons
  • GMO labeling
  • Winter supply – greenhouses
  • More cooking class opportunities. Good Food Store fills up fast!  Canning/preservation lessons too!
  • Invest local
  • Mobile processing unit!
  • Giant, all-encompassing potlucks
  • Promotion/outreach for Homegrown… it’s a cool group, we should promote it!

I also had a ton of great conversations with folks about how to use water walls in greenhouses to extend our season, fruit marketing, and many more (I know I’m missing some here, so add them in the comments below!).

Are you working on one of these projects?  Interested in pursuing one?  Got other topics you’d like to have a focus on next time?

Let us know below and come to our next DISH (date TBD)!