“It’s simple: no farms & ranches, no food.”

“Our farmers need a voice.”

“What’s bad for agriculture is bad for Montana.”

These are just a few of the great comments that CFAC members sent to our state government this session on SB 147, a bill designed to stop our farmland conservation work here in Missoula and deny Montana farmers a say in the subdivision review process. Your voices counted!  Thanks to your help, CFAC is celebrating another victory in farmland conservation, as Governor Steve Bullock vetoed the bill this week!


Over the past 3 months, CFAC members and allies across the state rallied to make their voice heard. Nearly 100 people travelled to Helena to give personal testimony during the Senate and House debates. Over 200 people wrote to their legislators asking them to vote against the bill and another 200 signed a letter to the Governor asking for a veto when the bill was pushed through both houses.  Members wrote emails, made phone calls, and wrote Letters to the Editor.  As a result of CFAC’s tenacious work, and our members’ timely and consistent engagement, this bill received the necessary spotlight needed to get the veto!

Photo by MTPR
Photo by MTPR

Thank you to the strong leadership of our newly elected Governor Bullock, and the many, many people from across the state who stood up in defense of preserving agriculture for our future!

We want to thank those who wrote letters, made phone calls, or travelled to Helena to give public comment to help defeat this bill.  Your dedication throughout this process was truly the catalyst needed for the right decision!

Special Thanks
Governor Steve Bullock
In his letter of veto, Governor Bullock said, “Agriculture is a vital part of Montana’s economy and culture… a local community must be able to consider both short and long term agricultural impacts.”  We agree!

Ag Land Network Members
Farmers’ voices from across Montana were heard at every reading of the bill, making a strong case for the future of farming in our great state.

CFAC members
CFAC members wrote letters and emails and made phone calls to their representatives.  Your voice was heard!

Petition Signers
Last week, we submitted a petition to the Governor that had been signed by more than 200 of you!

Partner Organizations
Many thanks to the several other groups who put their names against SB 147.  Their advocacy and support helped make it possible!

What’s Next?
Missoula County
The process in Missoula has been on hold awaiting news from the Capitol, but now that SB 147 is dead, we’re back to work getting great local regulations passed in Missoula County.  These regulations will ensure that farming and ranching won’t be something we’ll have to explain to our grandkids – it’ll be here for the long run!

We will be doing outreach to our rural landowners, hosting coffee klatches, and finding new ways to persuade and pressure our local government to do the right thing for our future.

We need your support to fund this work!  Join CFAC this year or give a little more!  Learn more at SpeakUp4Farms.org.