Ok, ok… Not all of these came out this week.  But they’re all awesome.  Sorry we couldn’t embed all of them – we’re working on it!

This short clip from Fix Food is a great response from a conventional Indiana farmer on why GMOs should be labeled.  Very compelling…

This next movie comes from a Great Falls tv station…  Farmers getting antsy about getting a Farm Bill approved are protesting Denny Rehberg – the House is the hold up and producers are not happy.  Check it out here.

And last, but not least, a shout out to the Colbert Report for tellin’ it like it is about the drought in Iowa and our nation’s dependence on corn!  My favorite quote?

Bruce Babcock: You’re not going to need to worry about soda pop and corn chips or corn on the cob.  What you’re going to need to worry about is the eggs and chickens and dairy products, the mozzarella cheese on your pizza, beef and pork products.  That’s where you’re going to see the impact.

Stephen Colbert: Excuse me, Mr. Babcock, I don’t know how to break this to you, but eggs… are made of egg…

Bruce Babcock: Eggs are about 70% corn.  You feed the chickens a high ration of corn, then there’s a high percentage of corn in that egg.

Tell it like it is, boys!  Watch it here.