We here at CFAC have been thinking a lot lately about innovative ways of financing the family farm.  We got a lot of interest from many of you on Facebook a few months ago when we posted this link about a Kickstarter-esque project for small farms.

Now there’s a new article out on Civil Eats about the challenge of financing family farms and new ideas.  Check it out here!

For more info on what people are doing other places, check out these projects, too:

The Carrot Project, in New England, has created a special fund to finance farm and food projects.

Working Farms Capital, in Illinois, is a venture capital project that allows people to invest in various farm projects that Working Farms manages.

Farmland LP, in California, takes conventional farmland and converts it into organic farmland at a profit for their investors.

Pretty intriguing models!  Which do you think would work best here in Montana?